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This is easily a classic imo. Angel Beats is an anime that will likely confuse you in many aspects though.

It will change you, it's funny, witty, and also can make a grown man cry. It expresses every emotion possible. Disappointment, happiness, laughter, and most of all, sadness and depression potentially. If you're looking for a really solid anime, you've come to the right place.
Great Anime
love my anime and well this one was one of the greats. Only being 13 episodes long it was a tear-jerker. With the full-on comedy aspect of this show, It was a fresh take on anime with bright colors and even great visuals

If you are looking for fan service in this one I hate to disappoint but you will have to go somewhere else for your swimsuit fetish. no ecchi ether. so for those hentai out there, this is a no-go for you;

The storyline was original from any other anime that I have seen. I would suggest this anime to anyone looking into getting into anime. I will warn you though the ending is sad. so have a box of tissues nearby! I mean I am a 43-year-old man and if an anime like this can make me a bit teary then yes you are in for a great show.
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