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Search results

  1. spookyheart

    Kendrick Lamar -vs- Drake | Who's winning?

    dont know dont give a shit either
  2. spookyheart

    What's your favorite Japanese movie?

    kagen no tsuki you're wlecome.
  3. spookyheart

    Do you go a day without playing music?

    i'd be dead without it
  4. spookyheart

    What's your favorite chat messenger?

  5. spookyheart

    Ask me the local ghost anything

    Quite a bit of them started off with shadow dragon and i got more into it once i got the 3ds games and 3 houses i even got a Lucina fig as well too.
  6. spookyheart

    Favorite anime opening/closing?

    psycho pass simply put is pure perfection.
  7. spookyheart

    Horror Anime

    Jigoku Shoujo Another and Dusk Maiden i liked quite a bit.
  8. spookyheart

    Do you like buying Digital or Physical Copy?

    Physical all day for me.
  9. spookyheart

    Which sports do you hate most?

    all of them.
  10. spookyheart

    Do you have any siblings?

    only child in my case
  11. spookyheart

    advice please

    law of ueki
  12. spookyheart

    Ask me the local ghost anything

    Just as it is written on the tin can, feel free to ask me anything from recs to whats my favorite music,anime,video games or manga or j-dramas just bout anything goes so ask away!